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Ministry of transport posts and telecommunications
of the Slovak republic  

is the managing authority of the Operational Programme on Transport 2007 - 2013, part of which is the No. 3 priority axis that aims to support the development of intermodal transport infrastructure in Slovakia. Under this priority axis, we plan to build four public terminals of intermodal transport and the intelligent transport management system for terminals of intermodal transport.

To meet these objectives we collaborate with the Railways of the Slovak Republic since 2007. In 2010 we plan to commence the construction of the first terminal, and until 2013 about three terminals should be completed. Since intermodal transport is a system that is planned several years ahead, we organized the conference on

„Infrastructure of intermodal transport“
18. - 19. 3. 2010, Bratislava

The aim of the conference was to inform the professional public in Europe about future possibilities of use of the public intermodal infrastructure in Slovakia.

The conference was organized in cooperation with the Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Slovakia and Česmad Slovakia.

The opening speech was delivered by the Chairman of the International Union of Combined Road-Rail Transport Companies Mr. Rudy Colle.


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18th March 2010

 Milan Mojš (state secretar of MDPT SR) - opening of conference


 Rudy Colle (UIRR) - opening speech and introduction


 Peter Hrapko ( MDPT SR) - OPD 2007 - 2013, Priority axe 3: Infrastructure of intermodal transport


 Jiří Samek (Metrans a.s., Česká republika) - The effect of infrastructure of combined transport for the development of combined transport in terms of private field



 Miroslav Horečný (ZSSK CARGO) - Business activities and intentions of ZSSK CARGO Slovakia in intermodal transport


 Hans-Paul Kienzler (K&P Consultants, Nemecko) - Results of the DIOMIS project -opportunities and threats for combined transport in Slovakia and the other CEE countries



 Jaroslav Luterán (Sudop Trade spol. s r.o.,) - The project preparation of TIP Košice



 Pavol Marušinec (MDPT SR) - The financial support of the state for intermodal transport operations



 Peter Špalek (MDPT SR) - Position of the goverment in decision about contruction of terminals of intermodal transport



 Erich Possegger (RCA, Rakúsko) - Experience in operating terminals in Austria


 Ján Bušovský (Prodex, spol. s r.o.) - Public terminal of intermodal transport Bratislava



 Radek Čech (Správa železniční dopravní cesty, Česká republika) - The impact of the rail infrastructure interoperability on the intermodal transport



 György Bessenyei (Jaspers, Rakúsko) - JASPERS activities to promote intermodal projects



 Patric Judge (Bridgwater Consortium, Ltd, Velká Británia) - An integrated approach to sustainable intermodal infrastructure



Eduard Prochác (Reming Consult, a.s.) - Public terminal of intermodal transport Žilina



Jaroslav Čermák (DUSLO, a.s, ) - Project ChemLog and combined transport in chemistry



Ján Bušovský (Prodex, spol. s r.o.) - Public terminal of intermodal transport Leopoldov



Magdaléna Konvičková (Ministerstvo dopravy, Česká republika) - Information about the current support of combined transport in the Czech Republic



Miloš Zaťko (SIMCON, s.r.o.) - Computer simulation of intermodal terminals - planning, streamlining operations



 19th March 2010

Přemysl Šrámek (Bohemiakombi, Česká republika) - The combined transport should not be a competition for road transport but the service



Ralf-Charley Schultze (GEFCO, Rakúsko) - Solution of intermodal transport (Kaluga project)



Reiner Mertel (Kombikonsult GmbH, Nemecko) - Why in Germany was doubled the combined transport in the last ten years


Helmut Jerolitsch (SCHENKER & CO AG, Nemecko) – Development rail – road. A case study for traffics between central and southeast Europe



Juergen Koehl (IBM Container Logistics) - The optimalization of the containers movement



Jiří Pokorný (TransContainer - Slovakia, a.s.) - Intermodal transport east - west