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Intermodal Transport Terminal Žilina – market survey

 Call of general director ŽSR to interested companies for operation of intermodal terminal Žilina - Teplička

Esteemed company,

  Železnice Slovenskej republiky Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as “ŽSR“) within the Operational Programme Transport 2007-2013, Priority axis no. 3 – Intermodal transport infrastructure, implemented the construction: “ŽSR Intermodal Transport Terminal Žilina, Construction stage 1“.

  The terminal is situated in the district of Žilina, in the cadastral territory of the municipality Teplička nad Váhom, in the vicinity of the Žilina Dam and in the precinct of Žilina – Teplička marshalling yard. The terminal is connected to rail and road infrastructure. The Intermodal Transport Terminal Žilina is designed to ensure the most effective unloading, loading, transhipment and storage of intermodal loading units (hereinafter referred to as “ILU“). The terminal features two 750 m handling tracks under cranes and two gantry cranes with carrying capacity 46 tonnes. Length of crane runway is 750 m.

  Truck DAF CF85 DUO is available, which enables a swift change in deployment for road and rail operations (road/rail vehicle). In winter period it can be used for snow shovelling and in the summer period for sweeping and cleaning of storage and handling areas and premises.

  The terminal allows storage of ILUs over the area of 10,000 m2. The area is all within a reach of gantry cranes.The terminal areas are arranged to allow parking for 20 trucks on entry to the terminal, 21 trucks on exit from the terminal, 22 parking slots for passenger vehicles before the entrance to the terminal and area for placement of swap bodies.

  There are 35 electric sockets available for connection of ILUs to thermoregulation. Spaces for ILUs storage are located directly under the gantry cranes. Stacking of ILUs under the cranes is possible at maximum in three layers.

  The area comprise an office building which serves as traffic control on inbound and outbound from the terminal, and provides control of container terminal. The building features premises to be used by truck drivers. Effective control of unloading, loading, storage and monitoring the economy of operation of the terminal is ensured by IS KONTI information system.The area is fenced, lighted with lighting towers and secured with CCTV camera system.

  The terminal is in the ownership of the Slovak Republic and in the administration of Železnice Slovenskej republiky Bratislava with registered seat at Klemensova 8, 813 61 Bratislava, 31364501 incorporated in the Business Register of District Court Bratislava I, Section: Po, Insert no.: 312/B.

  On 17 July 2013 the European Commission (hereinafter referred to as “EC“) published Commission Decision on measure/aid scheme/State aid SA.34369 (13/C), which the Slovak Republic is planning to implement.

  EC decision stipulated that:

   Esteemed company,

   We are writing to you regarding a market survey of intermodal transportation services, which is conducted in connection with the preparation of the project. The operator of the terminal in Žilina shall be selected through a public procurement in terms of applicable legislation of the Slovak Republic. With the aim to provide you with information about the terminal and on the possibilities of its operation the Presentation has been prepared and is made available on websites: (,, (

 Presentation on intermodal transport terminal Žilina - Teplička

  As well ŽSR will hold an information meeting for interested companies directly in the premises of the Intermodal Transport Terminal Žilina including a visit of the terminal. The visit of the terminal will take place on 13-14 March 2017.

   Shall you are interested/not interested in the visit of the terminal, please complete and return the attached reply form and the questionnaire. Upon reception of your reply we will contact you and arrange specific date and place for the visit.

Return form for visit of the intermodal terminal Žilina - Teplička

 Questionaire survey on intersted companies for operation of the intermodal terminal Žilina - Teplička

   Please return the reply form and the questionnaire at the latest to 7 March 2017 to the address: ŽSR, Directorate General, Controlling Department, Klemensova 8, 813 61 Bratislava or via e-mail to In order to arrange an appointment, please contact us: Tel.: +4212 2029 7725 or E-mail

  We believe you will make use of our offer to visit the Intermodal Transport Terminal Žilina.